Corporate Services

We offer a comprehensive platform of services for corporate and institutional clients whose needs span a range of geographic locations and property types.

Property Services

  • Brokerage – including the acquisition and disposition of facilities by sale or lease
  • Construction Management – including consulting, oversight, project management and troubled project turnaround
  • Facilities Management – including lease administration, portfolio management, site management, telecom, and move management

Advisory Services

  • Logistics and Supply Chain – including network optimization, transportation, facility layout and material handling
  • Strategic Planning – developing programs that harmonize strategic business goals with property and facility decisions
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment – if your company uses Lean Six Sigma or other process management protocols, we can show you how to apply these powerful tools to real estate plans and decisions, and facility operations

Asset Services

  • Value Services – whether your needs are limited to a brokers opinion of value or extend to a full appraisal, cost segregation study, or incentive management program, we can provide a range of products to shape and support financial decisions
  • Asset Management – if your real property portfolio can benefit from third party management, we can provide the services needed to create value from, add value to, and protect the value of your assets
  • Analysis and Modeling – we can help take some of the uncertainty out of real estate decisions by providing you with market data, trends, and financial models intended to inform your understanding and guide your choices

As a member of the Crestar Alliance, we collaborate with other, independent, “best in class” specialist who are committed to providing the highest caliber of service in their field. We deploy these services using a robust platform that is “purpose-built” for each client from off-the-shelf components. And we drive each engagement using proven process management protocols – like Lean Six Sigma – to assure clients that they get the services they need, when they need them, the way they want them, at almost any location in the world.